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Zhejiang plastics recycling technology is on a new stage






Zhejiang plastics recycling technology is on a new stage

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued a circular entitled "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment. Encouraged by the State (2014 edition)". The "complete set of equipment for recycling and treating waste plastic composite materials" developed by Zhejiang Fengli Crushing Equipment Co., Ltd., a state high-tech enterprise, was selected as the "5. Comprehensive utilization of resources" item under the catalogue, which is suitable for the comprehensive utilization of waste plastic.
This is another honor after the equipment has been selected into the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue" (2013 Amendment), the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Environmental Protection Equipment, the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technologies and Equipment Encouraged by the State" (2011 edition), and the first set of equipment manufacturing key areas in Zhejiang Province in 2012.
Waste plastic composite material is a rich mineral which needs to be developed urgently. It contains abundant plastic, metal (aluminum), fiber and other usable materials. At present, China's total consumption of plastics has exceeded 80 million tons (including about 7 million tons of waste plastics), becoming the world's largest consumer of plastics, the annual recycling of waste plastics has reached 17 million tons, equivalent to saving more than 50 million tons of crude oil. But at present, most of the plastic recycling enterprises only focus on the traditional pure material recycling, ignoring the existence of more and more composite materials. Aluminum-plastic composites are simply treated at a price lower than 40%-70% of plastics alone, and do not have the proper recycling value.
The selected project is a new equipment developed by Zhejiang Fengli on the basis of the national major industrial technology development project "comprehensive utilization technology development of waste plastic matrix composite powder method". It breaks through the key technologies such as powder recycling of waste plastics (chemical composition will not be changed, resulting in secondary environmental pollution); high-voltage electrostatic separation technology; intelligent automatic control technology and precious metal extraction technology, so as to effectively crack aluminum-plastic composite film, aluminum-plastic board, plastic composite film, optical cable and other composite products recycling and treatment. One of the most pressing social problems is to overcome the domestic technical problems that can not be solved by physical methods for recycling waste plastics composite materials, realize the comprehensive utilization of resources, and provide a strong technical support for recycling waste plastics composite materials of green environmental protection equipment. The treatment capacity of waste plastic matrix composites in this project is 1t/h~5t/h; the purity of recycled metal (aluminum etc.) is more than 98%; the recovery rate of metal (aluminum etc.) is more than 99%; the purity of recycled plastics is more than 95%; the energy consumption per ton is less than 10kW.h; the purity of recycled metal is more than 98%; the recovery rate of metal is more than 99%; the recovery rate of plastics is more than 95%; intelligent automatic control technology: temperature alarm Surrounding 0 ~150 C, sensitivity 0.5 C; voltage alarm: - 10% ~ 5% (380V); current alarm sensitivity 0.5A; automatic packaging measurement accuracy 1 g; sequential switch start and close; human-machine interface control